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10 Ways to Make Users Hate SharePoint

Whilst at the SharePoint Summit in Toronto this week, the organiser of the Toronto SharePoint User Group (TSPUG) decided to have an inpromptu speaker set.  They asked  bunch of conference speakers to choose a topic and talk to the user group.  This was mine.  (PS : Did you know, TSPUG has 7 SharePoint MVP’s!  What are they feeding them out there?)

1. Give them a site and walk away.

2. Pilot it in IT and don’t engage any business users then try roll it out.

3. Give training by showing a video or throwing a user manual and walking away.

4. Don’t offer back up support when users have questions.

5. When they do ask for help, tell them to “Google it”.

6. Say : “well it works on my machine”.

7. Give technical answers to queries.

8. Give no details to answers, “it’s fixed”.  Really?  How and why did it happen?

9. Tell them SharePoint is easy.

10. Fail to communicate.

From left to right : Tony Lanni, Veronique Palmer, Christian Buckley, Richard Harbridge, Owen Allen.

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