Veronique Palmer

CEO of Lets Collaborate, aka Chief Cook and Bottle Washer, Office Servers and Services MVP; tree and bunny hugger.

Microsoft’s MVP Award program is notoriously difficult to achieve. Veronique was the first business specialist in Africa, (considered non-technical), to ever be awarded this category of MVP.  There are approximately 250 Office Servers and Services MVP’s in the world of which there are now other business specialists since she was first awarded in 2011, (from approximately 1.6billion SharePoint users globally). 

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Veronique had a nagging suspicion that there had to be a better way to live. When SharePoint came into her life, she found a way to reinvent herself.  A gap in the market was quickly identified, a leap of faith taken, and a new SharePoint company was born.

That was over 8 years ago.  The tenacity paid off and the business has grown consistently year on year and effortlessly signs up the biggest names in business.   Nineteen awards in 8 years are a testament to her success.  She is highly motivating and inspires everyone to live the best version of themselves.  Her way of making the world a better place is to build a business that uplifts every person that comes across it, and creating a world she likes to live in.

She has spent a decade actively growing the SharePoint community in South Africa to the point that it now self-sustaining.  SharePoint Business Workshops (SBW) was her brainchild, she was team lead of Information Worker for 5 years and grew the community from 4 people around a table, to three regions and 2 competencies.

Her first blog has had over 650 000 hits since it’s inception.  She has spoken at conferences all over the world. Veronique was also co-manager of SharePoint Experts on LinkedIn for 3 years. She initiated SharePoint Saturday and hosted the event 4 years running. She was also instrumental in bringing the Share Conference to South Africa, working hand in hand with The Eventful Group as Community Sponsor to make it a resounding success.

Apart from empowering people, her other life passion is all things organic, natural, outdoors, reading, nature and animal related.  She has aspirations of buying a self-sustaining, off-the-grid, eco-lodge as a second business.  She has no qualms about speaking her mind on injustices in the world and then doing something about them.  Find her on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.  Or email anytime.

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