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How Do You Ensure Continued Adoption?

Many organisations err in thinking that merely installing SharePoint and telling business “here it is, go use it” equals a successful implementation – and then are mystified as to why nothing happens thereafter.

Achieving successful adoption of SharePoint is such a fine balancing act.  At Lets Collaborate, we’ve identified 30 adoption critical success factors over the years. Miss addressing one in your SharePoint strategy, and the house of cards doesn’t stand for long.

We have found that hands down, the single biggest factor in long term adoption is the role of the SharePoint Evangelist.  That one person with the passion and drive to nurture, evangelise, manage and care for the platform and its users is absolutely vital to the success of SharePoint.

It takes years for the platform to become a self-sustaining entity, and when that one person is either not there, or is removed, or walks away before that has happened, SharePoint stops.  The partner network can only do so much, it takes an inhouse evangelist to be really effective.

Make sure you have at least one business friendly person who is 100% dedicated to SharePoint and your chances of success will be greatly enhanced. Empower them, support them, look after them; because they will look after SharePoint then everybody wins.

SharePoint Evangelist

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