Our Methodology

Think Right, Build Right
We need to understand where you are in your business and what you are trying to achieve first.  It’s our job to keep an eye on the bigger picture and plan for the end result. There is no point in putting solutions you won’t have the skills to maintain.  We need to establish a long term strategy for rolling out your intranet effectively.  To go from zero to hero on an intranet, one should be looking at a 3 to 5 year roadmap at minimum.  We have designed a comprehensive strategy workshop which covers almost 30 intranet success factors.  Forewarned is fore-prepared.
Once the strategy is defined, we need to put the steps in place to make them happen.  We help you understand your processes, policies and procedures better; where you fit into the puzzle and the impact your roll has on the business and your colleagues. We have often found that there are gaps in the processes so it makes it difficult to automate it.  We can also assist with closing those gaps and making suggestions for interim solutions if you simply cannot do it yourself for whatever reason. We follow a ‘think right, build right’ approach.
You can’t be expected to just know how a technology works, especially something as big as SharePoint.  We also know that most people are not IT savvy, especially in the business world, and that there is a huge rift between business and IT.   We offer classroom and one-on-one training with the most passionate trainers in the industry who all have the same background you do.  We approach all our training from the business perspective and cover social media, project management, document and data management best practices.  We don’t speak geek here; we know your challenges and we can help you take bite sized mouthfuls of SharePoint till you are able to rock it on your own.
We know you have a day job and that most people get given this technology to learn and maintain SharePoint on top of their current workload. This can be too much for some people.  Even though you’ve been trained and can do it, you may just actually not have the capacity to do so.  We can help again.  We offer maintenance services where we can clean up your intranet / team sites, add new content for you, migrate older content.  There are various engagement options for this and we can tailor a package to suit you from one day a month to 3 days a week.

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