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SharePoint 2013 / Office 365 / SharePoint Online Power User Course

Our 4 day Power User course is the definitive end user training in South Africa!  If you are battling to get your users to adopt SharePoint, this is the course to put them one.  If you have been tasked with managing your team site for your department, this is the course to be on.  If you are new to SharePoint and want to know what it can do, this is the course to be on. You will learn skills here that you can use for the rest of your life, regardless of any job changes.  We teach you to ask the right questions, then empower you to find your own answers. This course ensures a consistent message is given to all staff members thereby improving the collaboration standards across the board.

Why 4 days? There is a lot to learn!  This is not a pure technology course; here you will learn business analysis, project management, communication, document management, social media, Office productivity tips as well as how SharePoint can fit into your world effectively.  The technology does not operate in isolation to the rest of the business systems and the change management component in SharePoint must not be under-estimated.  We are asking people to change everything about the way they have been working.  It’s a process that must be handled with sensitivity and understanding whilst ensuring relevance to people’s day jobs. You can’t do that in 2 days.

We also know that people seldom get the opportunity to apply the skills they have learnt during training; so scheduling the days once a week gives people time to put what they have learnt into practice in bite size chunks they can handle, then come back with business relevant questions to be addressed in the follow up sessions. This means extra value is gained from the course as people address their specific business requirements.

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Did you know that SharePoint can be used for communications, project management, knowledge management, monitoring data and picking up trends?  It’s so much more than a document management system.  Learn how to improve collaboration and reporting in Marketing, Communications, Sales, Admin, Finance, IT, HR, Learning and Development, etc!!

The course consists of the following content with day 1 mostly theory, and the balance full of business cases :

Step 1 – Introduction (Change Management)


  • What is SharePoint
  • What Defines Working Together
  • Default Site Elements
  • What You Can Create
  • Navigating
  • The 4 Questions
  • Following
  • Recycle Bin
  • Site Contents


  • Naming Standards
  • Date Standards
  • Uploading
  • Links
  • Alerts


  • Adding, Moving, Indenting
  • Timeline Web Part


  • Creating
  • Syncing to Outlook 

Communication Channels

  • Surveys
  • Discussion Boards and Alerts

Step 2 – Lists (Data Management)

  • Creating a Custom List
  • Building a Template
  • Column Options and Settings
  • Bulk Editing
  • Adding, Re-ordering, Deleting Various Columns
  • Re-Ordering the Form Columns
  • Totals
  • Enforce Uniqueness
  • Forms Capability and Emailing Links
  • Creating Public and Personal Views
  • Versioning and Appending Text
  • Styles
  • Filtered Data
  • Targeted Alerts
  • Rating Stars
  • Importing Spreadsheets

Step 3 – Libraries (Document Management)

Document Management

  • Creating, Deleting, Restoring  Libraries
  • Editing Documents
  • Analysing Fileshares
  • Understanding Metadata
  • Views
  • Alerts
  • Create a Document from SharePoint
  • Notebook / OneNote
  • Co-Authoring  vs Check In / Check Out
  • Versioning
  • New Library Considerations

Site Pages

  • Wikis
  • Changing Site Page Layouts
  • The Wikipedia Effect
  • Navigation
  • Announcements

Step 4 – Business Case (Project Management)

Document and Project Dashboards

  • Creating
  • Announcing
  • Navigation

Case Studies and Collaboration

  • Analysing Your Real World Scenarios and Collaborating to Resolve Challenges
  • Very High Level Introduction to Permissions


  • Community Sites

Site Design

  • Change the Look
  • Site Watermark
  • Site Logo
  • Promoted Links

Curriculum Review  and Next Steps


Some of our blogs on SharePoint 2013 to whet your appetite :

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Additional Information


Beginner, no previous SharePoint experience required

Pre Reqs

None, although basic PC skills and working knowledge of Microsoft Office would be an advantage

Target Audience

Business user and interested parties who want to know what SharePoint can do for you out of box


Understand how SharePoint fits together and how to apply the features to what you are working on, and translate business requirements to SharePoint; many office productivity tips are shared at the same time

Maximum No Of Delegates

Our venue accommodates a maximum of 6 delegates so you are assured of personal attention

Terms And Conditions

Courses commence at 09:30 sharp and finishes approximately 15:30. Morning tea and muffins are served from 09:00. Refreshments served at mid-morning tea and lunch is served around 12:30. Proof of payment must be emailed to lilanie@letscollaborate.co.za. Cancellations made less than 3 working days before the course carry a 50% fee penalty. Cancellations made 24 hours or less carry a 100% fee penalty. You may transfer your booking should you not be able to attend provided you notify us before the time, and the replacement meets the pre-requisites.