Pros and Cons of SharePoint

This is relevant for all versions of SharePoint and aimed at the non technical user with no SharePoint experience trying to make a decision on whether or not to use this technology.

  • Central repository / one point of truth to store and share all company data.
  • Comply with ISO standards and other legislation.
  • Enforce standards, publish policies, and get audit trails on changes.
  • Get instant reporting 24/7 and consolidate data to get better reports.
  • Create electronic forms to reduce the paper trail.
  • Communicate from a single source to give everyone the same message.
  • It is extremely scalable and can address multiple business requirements thereby saving you money on endless smaller pieces of software to do random business processes.
  • It integrates with most other software, so if you can use SharePoint for your business solutions, you can still surface the data from other applications in SharePoint.
  • There are plenty of licensing models to choose from that will suit any business size.
  • Office 365 / SharePoint Online is the perfect solution for small businesses planning to grow big.
  • SharePoint is a billion dollar product in Microsoft’s line-up – it is extremely well adopted globally and locally with plenty of vendors in this space to support you.
  • Little is set in gold, you can change SharePoint as your business requirements change fairly easily once you understand how it fits together.

  • It is an expensive solution.
  • You need the right expertise to get it set up correctly.
  • It will require a lot of configuration and training.
  • In larger companies it can take 3 – 5 years to successfully rollout and adopt.
  • In medium companies, 1 – 2 years to successfully rollout and adopt.
  • In small companies, 6 – 8 months to successfully rollout and adopt.
  • Security is tricky to manage out of box and third party tools are often required in larger companies.
  • The licensing model is very complex.
  • It’s browser based – no internet = no SharePoint.

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