Strategic Intranets

Organisations seldom address the bigger picture when trying to get SharePoint rolled out in their companies – this results in many failed implementations.  SharePoint needs to be approached systematically and consistently to be successful.  Some companies try to resolve failed implementations by upgrading to the next version of SharePoint.  This will fail too unless you do something different.  Have you asked yourself what business problem you are trying to solve using SharePoint and how it aligns to company strategic goals?  If you can’t answer that question, you need to go back to basics.

We offer an industry-unique, version agnostic, business focused, hands-on program for the core SharePoint IT team / business owner tasked with rolling out SharePoint as an intranet and/or document management system or more to the organization. Business and IT must be present for the full workshop as both parties need to work in partnership to successfully roll out SharePoi​nt and/or Office 365.  The outcome of the workshop is a 30 page+ document outlining all the critical success factors required that are tailored to your environment.  A full audit on all policies, procedures, standards and guidelines is completed as part of this program to ensure they don’t contradict the way SharePoint needs to be handled.

It would be beneficial to have some basic understanding of how SharePoint works before attending this workshop.  It is difficult to understand all the implications if you’ve never used SharePoint before. We recommend attending our Power User course first if this is the case.

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