What is SharePoint?

Ah, the billion dollar question. Someone once said :

If  Word is a tool for entering information, Excel a tool for calculating information, Browsers a tool for viewing information, Outlook a tool for sending information and Google a tool for finding information … then SharePoint is the tool to have all the above functionality in one application.

Very high level, it’s software built by Microsoft that companies use to build intranets and websites, (an intranet is an internal website that only staff have access to). In South Africa, SharePoint is primarily used as a document management system and communication portal.

SharePoint can do many things, it is an enormous platform that needs to be carefully managed to get the best use from it.  It has found it’s way into almost every large business in South Africa and adds endless value to small businesses too. LC’s intranet is on Office 365, contact us if you’d like a demo on how we are using it.

Check out our cheatsheet of 200+ Business Uses for SharePoint.  If you have something not on this list, contact us to ask our opinion as to whether SharePoint is a good fit for you.

What is SharePoint